A Welcome to the Diocese of Bunbury by Bishop Allan

Our Diocesan Vision
To see each of our Parishes and Ministry Districts transformed into ministering communities in Mission, where every member is valued and recognises that by virtue of their baptism, they have an important ministry to perform as a part of the Body of Christ, the Church.
To see each of our Parishes develop strategies that will enable the Holy Spirit to empower them to engage more effectively in the mission and ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ: and so aid the growth of His Church and people throughout the Diocese.

Our Diocesan Mission Statement
We are a Diocesan family,
growing into the likeness of Jesus,
all owning the ministry of Christ

Highveld Project
A 5 Year Promise to make a difference

Bishop Allan writes, “My dream is that we make a commitment to give the Diocese of The Highveld half a million South African Rand. To raise half a million Rand over five years we need to find A$13,000 each year. I am sure that this can be done. Tricia and I will pledge $1,000 a year for the next five years and we invite you to join with us. Can some of you give a $1,000 a year over and above your current giving? Whatever your contribution might be: will you join with us?

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